Mobile Steel Cutter for large iron and steel parts

Steel Cutting Machine for material thickness up to 2 meter (78 inch)

If you want to cut large and heavy steel parts, GREEN BLOCK could have the best solution for you. With a special developed movable steel cutter your steel blocks, steel skulls, slabs, ingot moulds and much more will be divided in an effective and environmental friendly way.


Not for every steel producing company, foundry or recycling company an investment in a modern torch cutting plant is cost-effective. Therefore we have developed a new oxy-fuel cutting plant which is not attached to a certain place. Additionally the environmental and working conditions are improved. Our mobile GREEN BLOCK steel cutter is unique, guaranteed.

Steel cutting made easy

The Mobile Steel Cutting Plant can be used in different fields. We are on the spot whenever you have large steel parts to divide. Steel plants, scrap dealer, dismantling companies and foundries can rely on our services.

Steel cutting made easy


Support during production peaks

Processing of large size parts

Optimization of logisitc

Environmental protection

Complinance with the environmental regulations

Job safety

Staff safe in soundproof and air conditioned cabin

Highest efficiency

Highest capacity

Huge material savings in cutting kerf

No invenstment costs