Mobile Steel Cutting Plant

GREEN BLOCK Oxy-fuel Cutting Machine

Our products and services

If you have a need to cut heavy steel parts, please contact us. We look at your specific requirements regarding steel grade, quantity and size as well as the situation at site in order to provide you with an individual offer for the use of our mobile flame cutting machine.
In case of order, we bring the plant components to the place of use by means of several trucks, where the construction takes place within a few hours. A GREEN BLOCK employee operates the flame cutting plant, which is operated at the individually agreed times.
As soon as we have finished the job, the steel cutting machine will be dismantled and transported to the next client.

Limits of the Steel Cutting Plant

Footprint of the plant:  approx. 21m x 18m

Substrate: level gravel or slag soil

Dimensions of the steel parts: max. L x W x H = 12 m x 4 m x 3 m

Material thickness: max. 2000 mm

Weight of steel parts: max. 200 t

Material quality: carbon steel, stainless steel


Our service is used wherever the thermal dividing of steel parts is necessary. In addition to the classic cutting of scrap parts for use in furnaces,  cross and length slitting is possible as well.


  • Steel Plants
  • Foundries
  • Scrap Dealer
  • Dismantling Companies

Profitability of the Cutting Machine

Due to the high cutting speed and precise guiding of the torch the machine cutting is more effective than manual cutting. Depending on the size, grade and shape of the material the Mobile Steel Cutting Plant can be more economic sooner or later. In many cases it is possible to reduce the cutting costs after a period of use of 1 to 2 weeks, compared to manual cutting.

Environmental protection while cutting steel

Our steel cutting plant comes with housing and filter to protect our valuable environment.